Bride of Chucky Movie Review

Today we are going to go over my favourite movie in the Child's Play franchise, Bride of Chucky.

Bride of Chucky Movie Poster

They sure love the number 8 (As you may recall Child's Play 3 was set to take place 8 years after the second film) as Bride of Chucky was released 8 years after hiatus of the franchise.

What's scarier than one crazy possessed doll you ask? How about 2! As the films tagline suggests, "Chucky gets lucky" as he turns his ex-girlfriend Tiffany (played by the beautiful Jennifer Tilly) into a doll as well! 

Chucky and Tiffany from Bride of Chucky

I'm really happy that kung-fu direction Ronny Yu directed this film as unlike the first 3, this movie is a lot more action packed. On top of all of the action, there is also a lot more gore in this one as well as vulgarity and doll sex...keep this in mind before watching with the kiddos.

I would give this movie a 7/10, definitely one of the best horror comedies of the 90s.



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