Cult of Chucky Movie Review

Welcome once more boys and ghouls as I go through the 8th movie this month, Cult of Chucky.

Cult of Chucky movie poster

Please be warned that if you have not seen the previous movies, this movie will not make much sense as in this chapter Chucky returns to prey upon Nica (Curse of Chucky) who's been confined to an asylum for four years. 

Cult of Chucky Nica in hospital

This movie features many familiar faces including Andy from the original Child's Play movies, now an adult and our favourite bride Tiffany. 

Don't expect much of a story here as the plot is silly and mostly non-existent however hardcore Chucky fan boys will love all the gore, funny lines and call backs present in this film.

I didn't love this film and almost nodded off twice which is not typical for me even if it was late at night, as such I would rate it a 3/10. 


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