Top 10 Weird Thrift Shop Finds

Top 10 Weird Thrift Shop Finds

Most often thrift stores are equated with broken junk, useless odds and ends and meaningless clutter, however this is not always the case. I often frequent second hand stores as every so often there is treasure to be found with a value far exceeding the 99 cent price tag that the item displays. Some times you find products that will make you shake your head, or even some that will even follow you into your nightmares, this list will be going over the latter. 

10. Giant Hand

This second hand find is just that - a second hand. I don't know why someone would have had this in the first place but I can't help but be jealous that it wasn't me who came across this 4 foot monstrosity, with this in mind, I give this one giant thumbs up.

Giant Hand

9. Scary Ventriloquist Doll

This vintage ventriloquist doll is certainly no dummy. The sign posted on his chest reads "Please do not handle Me, as I am old and fragile. My mouth does work when the string is pulled. Please ask for assistance." No worries pal, I doubt anyone would want to handle you and be subjected to whatever curse you carry.


8. Wind Up Rabbit

This Vintage wind up plush it sure to give even the blackest soul nightmares. his creepy toy reminds me of the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy grail. With it's sharp, vampiric teeth and beady red eyes, it's hard to think that this toy was originally intended for children. A video of this toy in action can be seen here


 7. Real Working Cannon

Next on the list is a real cannon in excellent condition which according to the attached note fires perfectly. A MFing Canon? Who even donates that? I love the fact that either the original owner or the store employees decked the cannon out in Christmas lights because nothing say's the holidays better than a medieval war machine. With a whopping price tag of $1,495 US I would have to pay but to anyone who comes up with the dough to purchase this gem, I solute you.

6. Bizarre Hat

Next on the list is this funky fresh top hat with pom-pom fringe complete with a bra and many googly eyes. Was this a movie prob of sorts? A Mardi Gras costume? A strippers idea of an interesting act? Whatever the story here, one thing I can say for certain is that you will have to keep an eye out for this one, after all, it'll certainly be watching you.

Bra hat with eyeballs

5. Prosthetic ear

Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears as I bring you the 5th item on our list, a prosthetic ear! Though this wasn't at a thrift store per-say, it was found at an estate sale in Sylacauga, Alabama (Van Gough?) and due to the bizarre nature of this find, I decided to add it to the list all the same. 

4. McMasterpiece

Apparently somebody loved McDonalds enough to paint their food. I like to think that this is from a former employees who just drank a little too much of the McDonalds Koolaid but who can say for sure. If you are craving McDonalds after looking at this amazingly random painting and hate me for ruining your diet, just watch Supersize Me, your cravings will surely fade. 

Hand painted McDonalds picture

3. Denim Footrest

So you think you like Denim? Do you remember those heinous Recycled Jean bags everyone was rocking in the 1990s? That was a trend that I just couldn't get into, it seemed like it was cheaper to just buy a purse than to wear fabric that spent most of it's life covering someones ass on your arm. Though this craft was a way to show your eco-friendly side if you had a pair of old jeans lying around, what about if you had enough denim to clothe the entire cast of Beverly Hillbillies? Behold the jean ottoman! Complete with a mishmash of random belts to add a bit of flair.

Ottoman made of old jeans

 2. Ashtray Full of False Teeth

I'm someone who is grossed out by few things however I have always had an aversion to smoking (likely due to the fact that my parents smoked in the house heavily when we were kids, ah the 80's...) and teeth since my grandmother used to pop out her falsies to freak us out when we were kids. With this in mind, I present number 2 on this list... an ashtray full of old teeth complete with a note inviting you to try them on...

1. Bone Throne

Number 1 on the list for the Month of November has been aptly dubbed by its finder the "Bone Throne". I would suggest you stay away from this if you have dogs as I'm sure that it wont last however if you need this in your life, you can purchase it at the Midway Antique Mall in Columbia MO. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog post! If you are interested in seeing more weird thrift shop finds, or if you want to post some of your own, be sure to check out the very active Facebook group Weird Second Hand Finds That Just Need to Be Shared where their examples were found. Major credit to the OG posters. :)

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