Childs play (1988 Version) Movie Review

Just to be clear, this is a review for the original 1988 version of Childs play, not the 2019 film of the same name. 

Child's Play 1988 movie poster.

If you haven't seen the movie Child's play with its famous antagonist "Chucky" well, it's likely you have been living under a rock this whole time but it's OK because I'm going to break it down for you anyways. 

Though Rotten Tomatoes gives it a lousy 67%, this movie being a cult classic like it is, should be watched by all. Like some of the other famous 80's horrors (Which I will undoubtedly touch upon during my 30 day of Halloween reviews) this is not so much a scary movie as a funny one. This comedy horror starts off with every parents worst nightmare - trying to obtain the years hottest toy (In this case, a "Good guy" doll) for their beloved child. 

Chucky and Andy reading a book

Though the mother (Played by the lovely Catherine Hicks) is able to obtain this toy for her son Andy, something isn't quite right with this particular doll...


Without going into too many spoilers, Chucky isn't exactly a "Good Guy" as we are let to believe, instead this doll is actually the vessel for serial killer Charles Ray who, while being pursued by the cops bound his soul to the doll via a voodoo curse.

Evil Chucky from Childs Play

Throughout the movie, despite odd things happening no one expects the doll. This is cannon throughout all of the Child's Play movies ( Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky and the newest reboot of the franchise Childs Play (2019). 

Overall, I would give this movie a 7/10, I feel that the first was the best despite all of it's sequels, what did you think about this movie? Leave your answers in the comments below! 

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