Child's Play (2019) Movie Review

After all of the previous Child's Play sequels, director 

Lars Klevberg decided to reboot this seemingly tired franchise in the movie I'll be reviewing today, Childs Play (2019).

Child's Play (2019) movie poster.

Unlike the previous movies, instead of a Voodoo curse, the reason that the Buddi doll goes on a murderous killing spree is due to changes made to the dolls AI by a disgruntled Chinese worker. 

Buddi doll

I was really looking forward to this movie as a fan of the previous franchise however I have to say that I dislike the fact that they took the whole voodoo element out in an attempt to make the movie more current. 

The movie was pretty slow and I feel that Aubrey Plaza has had better roles. I also think that Mark Hamill as the voice of the Buddi doll was an odd choice. 

If you are looking for a movie that makes you think instead of one filled with popcorn scares then this movie may be for you, for me however I would give this a 4/10. 



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