Childs play 3 Movie Review

Our favourite evil doll Chucky is back for the third instalment of the franchise - Child's Play 3. 

Child's Play 3 movie poster

This movie takes place 8 years after the last where Andy is now a young adult living a somewhat normal life. The normalcy doesn't last long however as Chucky's blood gets mixed into a vat of plastic and his soul is transferred into a new Good Guys doll which he uses as a vessel to torment Andy once more.

Gorey Chucky doll

If you are looking for a cheesy movie filled with a lot of horror clichés and little in the way of a story, this movie is sure to fit the bill. This movie is said to be the worst of the franchise and with a score of 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, the audience seems to agree. Never the less I feel that this movie is worth a watch especially if you are planning to binge watch all of the Child's Play movies in succession but don't expect a masterpiece.  

All in all I would give this movie a 4/10. 

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